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Domestic Violence and Injunctions

We offer advice on issues surrounding Domestic Violence. We offer a range of services including applications to Court for an Injunction Order. Domestic Violence Injunctions can be obtained within Divorce Proceedings or by way of a separate stand alone application.

Non-Molestation Injunctions

Such Orders can protect both adults and children from the violence, harassment, intimidation and/or threats of violence from a partner or associated person. If you find yourself in such a situation you should seek legal advice and take protective steps as a matter of urgency.

Occupation Orders

This is an Injunction Order that relates to a property. Such Order can determine who is able to reside at the property in the short term after an incident of domestic violence. Such Order can exclude a person who may own the property or have an interest in it, from either part of the property or the whole of it. Ancillary orders with regard to payment of out goings can also be obtained. A person wrongly excluded can apply to be allowed to return to the property.

Other Injunctions

If you are involved in divorce proceedings and are concerned that the other party is about to or is disposing of valuable property and/or money you can apply to court for an injunction order to prevent such disposal or to stop a disposal from continuing.

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