Noble Harbour Solicitors

Noble Harbour Solicitors

Resilience Policy


Noble Harbour subscribe to the view that prevention is better than cure, and as such we seek to promote resilience amongst our personnel, in order to reduce the risk of work induced stress-related health issues. We believe that a pro-active approach is far more desirable, effective and satisfactory than a re-active response.


The Health and Safety Executive define stress as:

'the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demands placed on them'.

There is a distinction drawn between the positive motivational effect(s) of pressure and the nature, frequency or intensity of pressure which can prove detrimental to health.

Resilience can be defined as:

'The ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune; buoyancy'.

Therefore, at Noble Harbour we are committed to the creation and maintenance of a workplace ethos which is conducive to developing and nurturing individual and collective resilience.


Noble Harbour personnel can expect to contribute to and benefit from an open, friendly and fair professional working environment.

Noble Harbour is committed to establishing and maintaining work practices which are conducive to, and compatible with, our workplace resilience ethos.

These consist of:

Individual resilience of personnel will contribute to the collective resilience of Noble Harbour as a firm. This will serve to enhance the growth and stability of the firm; to promote expansion and enhance commercial success.

One notable feature of resilience is the ability, whether as an individual or on a collective level, to source new ideas and opportunities; and to tailor working practices to accommodate the changes.

This will significantly increase the ability of the firm to survive and to continue to prosper amidst changing social and economic conditions, over which it has no direct control.