Noble Harbour Solicitors

Noble Harbour Solicitors

Money Laundering Policy

At Noble Harbour we actively safeguard against becoming involved in the processing of illegal or improper gains for, or at the expense of, our clients.

It is our policy not to assist with such transactions, and we are duty bound under section 330 of the Proceeds of crime Act 2002 to disclose, in the course of practice, a suspicion that an act of money laundering is occurring. We are aware that failure to do so would be construed as an unlawful act and could place the firm and its representatives at risk of criminal and civil proceedings.

In view of the provisions of regulations 20 and 21 of the Money Laundering Regulations 2007, we have established and endeavour to maintain appropriate and risk sensitive policies in relation to the following:

We are committed to ensuring that all of our employees are:

To enable us to confirm the identity of our clients we require the following documentation to be provided, in person, by client upon instruction:

Proof of Identity:

Proof of address:

In the event of the client being genuinely unable to attend in person to supply the appropriate documentation, it is the policy of the firm to accept officially authenticated copy documentation from fellow professionals only, in the first instance.

Additionally, Noble Harbour utilizes the services of MDA SearchFlow Ltd as a form of online ID verification.

In situations where the firm is instructed by both a prospective purchaser and the mortgage lender, the provisions of the Council of Mortgage Lenders Handbook are strictly observed at all time; as well as having close regard to the provisions of Rule 3 (Conflict of interests) and Rule 4 (Confidentiality and disclosure) of the Solicitor's Code of Conduct 2007.