Noble Harbour Solicitors

Noble Harbour Solicitors

Flexible Working Policy

Noble Harbour is committed to achieving a high level of professional service and we recognise that to do so we need a highly trained, skilled and motivated team of personnel.

The practice is working towards the promotion of diversity; and recognises that flexible working is a key factor in achieving greater diversity. Flexibility functions to attract and retain highly skilled personnel, as it recognises that all individuals work most effectively when they are able to manage an appropriate balance between work commitments and other aspects of their lives.

Therefore Noble Harbour has committed to operating a flexible working policy, as befits a legal practice of its size and nature of business.

Current options for flexible working, having regard to the size and nature of the business are:

However, these options are open to re-evaluation and adaptation as a part of the natural expansion of the practice. It is envisaged that healthy and successful growth is essentially organic in nature, and as such the development of the practice will, to a significant degree, depend upon the basis of the strengths and efficiency of its personnel.