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The New Year snow has cleared; the country is tip-toeing out of recession with the economic growth measuring a tentative 0.1%; and Noble Harbour has recently conducted a client satisfaction survey analysis.

Once again the findings indicate that Noble Harbour clients report a high level of satisfaction with our services; with 89% stating that they would be happy to recommend our services to their family and friends.

Our communications are rated as good or excellent by 86% of our clients; with 94% rating the explanations and the information we provide as good or excellent.
 Subsequently the overall effectiveness of our communication skills, as assessed by our clients, has increased by 13% during the last six month period; with an increase in 24% of clients who stated that our advice and information was clear and concise.

In the words of our clients we at Noble Harbour are perceived as:

 always helpful and polite;
 very friendly, efficient with a polite manner;
 having a warm friendly welcome.

Clients stated that they felt:

 at ease and able to ask questions;
 like a personal client - not a number
 accommodated with lunch time appointments

Our service was described as:

 a friendly approach combined with professional expertise
 very clear, precise and straight forward
 user friendly

Once again thank you to all of our clients who took the time to fill in and return the surveys.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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