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Women in Business


If you happen to find yourself flicking through the pages of  The Western Telegraph next week you will find an article on Women in Business in Pembrokeshire.

Part of the feature includes a focus on the female influence in Noble Harbour and illustrates our ethos: 

Helen Noble returned to the legal profession in 2006 when she was instrumental in the setting up of Noble Harbour Solicitors in Milford Haven Marina. 

The practice is about to enter its third year and in the process of opening a second Pembrokeshire office.

Also a psychology graduate and coach, Helen has integrated her knowledge and experience gained from working in the public sector to create a private legal practice with a difference.

Helen believes it is the personality of the small business leader which sets the tone for the future success of the business. She also believes that all colleagues need to share the vision to ensure the sustainable growth of any business; and that people function most effectively within a resilient environment.

Helen suggests that to be successful in business:

o Your credibility will rest on your thorough knowledge and understanding of your product or service;
o It is important to realise that confidence is an inner strength, and not necessarily a loud voice
o Integrity is of the utmost importance- always say what you think and then do what you say.
o Trust your intuition or your gut instinct, as you won’t always be able to see the full extent of the big picture on which to base your decisions
o Even when the going gets tough, pick out the positives and focus on your vision.

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