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Noble Harbour advise all our clients to make a will. Even if the terms of the will reflect the provisions of the Intestacy Rules. A will is a positive statement and enables a person to set out what he or she wishes to happen to their estate upon his or her death. The will speaks from the death of a person and can be amended any number of times whilst the person is alive.

It is also important to keep the terms of a will under review. There are occasions when a need to amend a will arises. A person's financial position may improve requiring appropriate tax planning. Other events may impact on the validity of a will. A marriage can render the whole of a will null and void unless it is made in contemplation of marriage. Ideally reference to the impending marriage should be set out in the will to avoid any issues here. Also a divorce will affect the validity of provisions set out in the will. A party divorcing should therefore always review the provisions of their will at such time.

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